The First Question to Ask When Discussing Abortion

There is no doubt that abortion is a topic that is sure to draw a spark in a crowded room. The trouble is, we have done a poor job at actually discussing the topic. A quick look on the old Tweet machine will show you how bad people are at expressing their opinion.

Take President Trump’s upcoming Supreme Court pick. People assume one more conservative judge will overturn Roe V. Wade; even if that was the case, states would still have a right to decide under the 10th Amendment of the Constitution. So it’s not as though it would be federally illegal. But most people miss that. Instead they treat it as if the sky is falling and 1984 is just around the corner.

As of 2017, the Nation was (and still is) fairly divided on abortion, with about 60% affirming it in most cases and 40% disagreeing with it in most cases. However, even if the numbers were split or if those who did not favor abortion were in the vast majority, that isn’t where we should turn to for an argument.

In Germany, there was a consensus on Adolf Hitler; and from 1776 to even after the Civil War, Americans were mostly in favor of slavery. So I do not rely on public opinion to guide me on what’s moral. That would be a disastrous mistake and one history has made repeatedly.

Instead, I look at the foundation for the argument.

Many people look at peripherals of the abortion debate; they talk about welfare, orphans, and nasty conservatives that only care about the baby in the womb. We should scrap all of that rhetoric as that does not help us answer the abortion question one bit. We should set our sights on this question:

Is there a baby in the womb or not?

That’s it, friends. If they answer “Yes”, then the follow-up question is, “Okay, so in what circumstances is it okay to kill an innocent baby?” If they say “No”, you can ask “Okay, then what is it and why do you think that?” Or ask “At what point does it become a baby?”

If people get mad, just back off and let them cool down. Getting heated won’t change opinions nor will it help people listen to your side.

Abortion is disgusting. I hate it so much and I pray that these mothers will make responsible, not reckless, decisions. Taking another innocent life is not the answer here. But to have the conversation we need to start at the root of the issue, not at the pointless peripherals.

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