Edge Venture: A Staff Man’s Perspective (2 Years Later)

In February of 2016 I attended Edge Venture. About two months after I left Edge I thought it would be appropriate to write down what I felt was the value in Edge. You can read that here. So I thought there would be some value in adding another perspective to that mix, one from a staffer’s perspective.

The Beginning

Following my participant weekend, I went back to staff at Edge and I have to say, the experience at the staff weekend was demonstrably more eye-opening than even the participant weekend was. I learned exponentially more about leadership, emotions, and how to develop empathy in relationships with others. You see, the thing about Edge is that there is a legitimate focus on real community rather than the individual and often narcissistic-self.

It’s not about who is leading what or who has what role; rather, it’s about the group of men and the direction they are heading.

Things like: How they are leading their families, how they are impacting their communities, and what ways they are continually improving themselves is all weighed far higher than titles, seniority, and status.

That is a refreshing notion to say the least. In a Christian-culture where we seemingly haven’t separated the rat race from sanctification, it feels good to know there is a ministry out there that values the progression of men and their families over status.

Now, you may be reading this and saying “What Christians put status over progression?” The answer, sadly, is: Many.

Progress, relationships, and empathy should always precede titles and status.

Why Edge?

Real relationships are hard to come by. I grew up not having a lot of friends and pretended to be someone I wasn’t to make “friends”. Needless to say, those relationships didn’t last. It honestly wasn’t until Edge that I had legitimate friends. I mean friends I could call at 03:00 AM and would drive 45 minutes to my house no-questions-asked. Those are friends that money and status cannot give you.

Also, Jesus is front-in-center in the direction of the ministry. He’s not in the backseat where He is referenced vaguely or in passing once or twice. The men who lead Edge truly believe that without Jesus, the ministry would be meaningless and we would all be wasting our time. It’s His power, not ours, that propels this ministry.

Try it. You won’t regret it.

As I am finishing this article I am preparing to staff my 9th Edge weekend. I leave tomorrow which will be met with dual emotions: joy and sadness. I hate leaving my family for even a few days as I feel like I am missing things with them. But, I feel joy because God has blessed me and put me into a position wherein I get to see men’s lives get changed. To help leaders become better leaders. To help fathers become better fathers. And to help husbands become better husbands.

You could describe Edge as a place for guys who are going through serious struggles, but honestly, everyone is. Doesn’t matter your income, color, social status, or career-path. Edge is a place for men. To (1) learn more about who they are as men, (2) develop who God is calling them to be, and (3) find a peace that they may never have before. Those three things are things all men ought to aspire to and desire for themselves and their family.

So who is Edge for? All men.


Visit EdgeVenture.org for more details. Thanks for reading, everyone. It means the world. 

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